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12:00 – 1:00 pm


The Dynamic Library: Organizing Knowledge at the Sitterwerk- Precedents and Possibilities

At the Sitterwerk in St. Gallen, Switzerland, an unusual system that relies on RFID technology was developed to turn an idiosyncratic collection of art books into a publicly accessible library. What are some of the collections that presenters have created and/or manage, how do they organize them, and how do they make them accessible? This event will explore the challenges and pleasures they’ve encountered, as well as the role played by digital technology.

David Evans Frantz (Curator, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries
Kylie Gilchrist (Coordinator, A.R.T.’s Distribution to Underserved Communities Libraries Program)
Hailey Loman (Director, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive)
Rosten Woo (Haystacks, Harvard Library )