The World’s Worst Book Launch

Tuesday, May 26 | 8–11pm

Organized by Aaron Walker, Chris Reeves, and Jesse Malmed

A live variety show broadcast in the spirit of the Portsmouth Sinfonia to celebrate the publication of
The World’s Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia

List of participants:

Academy Records
Alejandro Acierto
Alexandra Lakind

Andrew Walker
Andy Hall
Angeliki Tsoli
Breanne Trammell
Brenda Hutchinson
Caitlin Ryan
Cathy Hsaio
Chiara Ambrosio
Chris Collins

Davi Lakind
David Scanlon
Deanna Ledezma
Ellen Nielsen

Erika Raberg
Erin Hayden
Greg Baise
Hannah B Higgins

Hope Esser
Jessica Pavone
Jimmy Schaus

Joshua Rios
Greg Ruffing
Kirsten Leenaars
Kristi McGuire
Lauren Sudbrink

Leslie Lakind
Li-Ming Hu
Liz McCarthy
Loraine Wible
Lori Felker
Mark Booth
Matthew Walkerdine
Max Guy

Max Jaffe
Michelle Marie
Mike Green
Michael Lopez
Nellie Kluz

Mike Stoltz
Nick Flessa

The New Restaurants
Nick Visser
Robert Chaise Heishman
Rob Lundberg
Tim Dukes
Willy Smart
and more …

+ Vintage Portsmouth Sinfonia clips

Hosted by Co-Prosperity Sphere and Lumpen Radio