Where to find our books

All of the titles in our catalog can be ordered directly through our website. See information about shopping and returns below.

Our titles are distributed worldwide by Artbook | D.A.P.


We are happy to arrange direct sales or consignment with trade discounts. Please send a purchase order or questions to info@soberscove.com.

Bookstores, libraries, and individuals automatically receive a specified number of copies of each new title in our catalog. Please ask us for details.


Our website automatically offers USPS shipping options. You will receive a delivery confirmation number within 24–48 hours for items shipped via Media Mail (no insurance), Priority, and Priority Express (auto-insurance for cost of order, under $50-100). If you have a question concerning damage to an order, please contact us—this doesn’t happen often and each situation is unique, so we will try to work with you. Keep in mind, though, that the cost for a small press to replace a book lost or damaged during delivery through no error on our end has much more of an impact than it does for, say, Amazon. In cases of extremely delayed or lost packages (or, packages that are documented by USPS as delivered but which the recipient does not have in hand), we will also do our best to remedy the situation. *If you would prefer to use FedEx or UPS, please email your order to info@soberscove.com.

We will refund books that are returned in perfect condition within 30 days of purchase; we can only return books that are accompanied by the original packing slip. If you would like to receive a refund on a purchase, it is necessary that you email us to get the address to which you should return and so we can be on the lookout for it. We will NOT refund an order that you 1.) did not write to us about in advance, or 2.) return to the Ware-Pak address in Illinois from which the book was shipped, as they are unable to process returns on our behalf.

USPS International shipments do not come with insurance. All orders shipped to international destinations are final. *If you wish to insure a package, please email your order to info@soberscove.com and specify that you want to purchase insurance and which shipping service you would like to use. 

While we are thrilled and grateful for your interest in our books and happy to ship anywhere, we encourage you to shop around for the best international shipping option, as you may well find cheaper options through online vendors who ship in bulk. We support vendors whose businesses are oriented around the sale of books. (Note: we encourage you to focus on the *independent* options on this list versus the corporations that may be able to offer cheap rates but do as at the ultimate expense of publishers’ long-term viability.) In addition to our distributor, Artbook|D.A.P, we particularly encourage you to consider checking out: your local independent bookstore, bookshop.org—which offers great support for indie bookstores—and international bookselling sites that support their local bookselling culture.