Blocks Balls Ballerina

​By John Jackson & Nancy Shaver

Thirteen balls, four nine-blockers, two teapots, a juggler, a flutist, a guitar player, a trumpet player…and a ballerina! A motley crew comes together in Blocks, Balls, Ballerina to offer a set of images.

Blocks Balls Ballerina is part of Set II in the Artists’ Board Book Series. Combining the conventions of artists’ books with those of children’s board books, the Artists’ Board Book series was inspired by the delight and creativity with which young children visually and physically explore books. These books offer physical experiences with art for lookers and readers of all ages.

John Jackson is a metal sculptor, avid recycler, self-proclaimed humor therapist, haiku dabbler, maker and player of bedpan guitars.

Nancy Shaver has been an artist for more than 40 years. She teaches in the Bard College Milton Avery Graduate Program of the Arts and is the proprietor of Henry, a shop in Hudson, NY.