Collage City

​By Esau McGhee

In Collage City, pattern and collage meet in an exploration of color, line, form, and texture. Inspired by a photograph of an urban street scene, the book features a single, repeating pattern. Can you see the pattern in its various disguises?

Collage City is part of Set II in the Artists’ Board Book Series. Combining the conventions of artists’ books with those of children’s board books, the Artists’ Board Book series was inspired by the delight and creativity with which young children visually and physically explore books. These books offer physical experiences with art for lookers and readers of all ages.

Esau McGhee has exhibited in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. He is presently a full-time, working artist with a studio practice on the west side of Chicago. He received his MFA from Northwestern University in 2013.