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By Marc Fischer

“For as long as I can remember, I have depended on the U.S. Postal Service to bring new information and ideas into my world, and to help me share things with others.”

In 2010, Marc Fischer experienced postal trauma when he moved away from his beloved Nancy B. Jefferson Post Office on the Near West Side and became a customer of the Roberto Clemente Post Office in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, which was just three blocks from his apartment. “Rather than forfeit the ability to mail things close to home, I did what any normal person with access to social media would do: I kept going back there and then complained about it on the internet.” Gathered together for the first time, Deliverance presents all of Fischer’s Facebook post office—related posts since 2011. Part archive and part therapeutic exercise, this collection documents Fischer’s committed but fraught bond with Chicago’s post offices.

MARC FISCHER is a Chicago-based artist. Since 1998, Fischer has been a member of the group Temporary Services, which makes and distributes publications as part of its art practice. Temporary Services started Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and web store, in 2008. In 2007, Fischer founded the initiative Public Collectors.

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In celebration of the essential services of the USPS, in this moment where its existence as we know it is in jeopardy, we are happy to make this book available in PDF form at no charge. 

This entry from December 3, 2013 is particularly poignant now:
“In our increasingly boring, digital, and privatized world, it is important to have visceral experiences of waiting in line, commiserating with fellow travelers.”

From author Marc Fischer:
Deliverance is a book that is filled with complaints about the post office (everyone has been forgiven for years now), but that was then and this is now. Now it’s time to acknowledge how critical the USPS is for publishers and readers, and to celebrate their increasingly dangerous work—work that they do even to deliver books that are critical of the post office. We have much bigger things to worry about now. I wish all of the Logan Square Post Office employees safety and good health in the continuing struggle.”—Marc Fischer



AUDIO: Public Reading of DELIVERANCE as part of “The Classroom” at the 2014 New York Art Book Fair (featuring Andrew Beccone, Doro Boehme, Marc Fischer, Julia Klein, and Julia Marsh)