This is True

​By Selina Trepp

“Just like horses, people wear shoes.” This is True is set in Selina Trepp’s studio, a wonderland of improvisation in which fantastical characters illustrate a few simple lessons about footwear. Working only with that she has and making only what she needs, Trepp’s camera is the glue that combines performance, painting, sculpture, and installation.

This is True is part of Set II in the Artists’ Board Book Series. Combining the conventions of artists’ books with those of children’s board books, the Artists’ Board Book series was inspired by the delight and creativity with which young children visually and physically explore books. These books offer physical experiences with art for lookers and readers of all ages.

Selina Trepp is an artist whose work explores economy and improvisation. Finding a balance between the intuitive and conceptual is the goal, living a life of adventure is a way, embarrassment is often the result.