Tic Toc

​By Arati Rao and Adam Sipe

In Tic Toc, sound and sense merge in a playful series of words and phrases that ask to be read aloud. A collaboration between a designer and a painter, this book brings together textiles and painting as it celebrates the pleasure of language.

Tic Toc is part of Set II in the Artists’ Board Book Series. Combining the conventions of artists’ books with those of children’s board books, the Artists’ Board Book series was inspired by the delight and creativity with which young children visually and physically explore books. These books offer physical experiences with art for lookers and readers of all ages.

Arati Rao is a womanswear and textile designer. She is based in New York and spends most of her time in Brooklyn. She likes India and planning adventures with Adam.

Adam Sipe is an artist. He works mostly in Manhattan and paints in Brooklyn, where he lives. He likes New Jersey, and he is from Pennsylvania.